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I truly do not think homosexuality, or heterosexuality, is natural.

I believe the behaviors are natural, the identity is not. The identity is socially constructed.

Society has made this odd determination that we define people by sexual preference.

And really, aren't there a million traits we insist on having or not having in our partners? Things aside from presence or lack of external genitalia and tits? Yet society does not define us as "blondsexuals" or "frecklesexuals" or "leggysexuals"...we have some loose colloquial terms to define us as such ("ass man" or "chubby chaser" or "rice chaser"), but nothing that is steadfastly slammed into our identity as our genital preference.

I find it so peculiar. Of all the arbitrary sexual preferences to include in our identity, why penises? Why vaginas? Why breasts?

And really, in a society in which sex is generally pretty taboo, why is anything about sexual preference included in our primary identity structure? I mean, we label ourselves in fairly widely known terms like "masochist" or "sadist" but these are generally not considered part of our primary public identity (unless any individual one of us makes the choice to express it as a primary facet of who we are).

I guess the truth is, I think sexual orientation is so arbitrarily important, and it really bothers me to see what I view as a massive inconsistency in social identities.


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